December 6th 2014

Struggling to find the right gift for someone? Then why not get crafty in the kitchen and give your loved ones something that they can make! Mason Jar Gifts are perfect as the dry ingredients can be thrown together from most things found in your cupboards, and the possibilities are endless. As long as the recipe you wish to use contains a lots of interesting looking dry ingredients then the gift will look super thoughtful and very pretty! Any clean dry jar can be used (which saves on pennies if they are laying about your house) and you can decorate them however you like, with pretty ribbons, strings and brown parcel tags if you like!


Below we have provided you with a Brownie recipe for mason jars, so why not give it a go!

If you're not wanting to give a foodie gift then you could always design your own mason Jar. Why not fill it with bath salts and candles for an aromatherapy gift for you mum, or fill with small colouring pencils and some printed pictures for young children! Get Crafting!




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